Welcome to Kalymnos

Welcome to Kalymnos, the island of the sea-sponge harvesters! The fourth largest island of the Dodecanese Group is widely known as an international sponge-harvesting trade center. Thanks to its unique geomorphology, Kalymnos is a tourist destination known worldwide for offering alternative vacations and activities such as climbing, scuba diving, mountain hiking and spelunking, a true paradise for passionate action-lovers!


According to mythology, Uranus and Gaia had many children: the Titans, the Giants, the Cyclops and the Ekatocheires. Uranus, fearing that one of his sons would dethrone him, decided to throw them all in Tartarus, the bottom of the earth.

One of his sons, Kalydnos, was really lucky and fell on a piece of land that emerged at this particular moment and formed an island, which was therefore called “The Island of Kalydnos.” Today, when we look the island from above, we can clearly see two huge mountains and two small valleys, which are said to resemble Kalydnos’ legs.

According to the legend, Kalydnos was originally a god of Hades who later became a god of the sea. However, no evidence of worship have been found to confirm the myth.


An Island full of natural beauties

Kalymnos is an island full of natural beauties, offering a great number of travel and activities as well as climbing opportunities. Opportunities to be explored.
The island combines the charming of a mountain with imposing wild landscapes and banks full of aromatic herbs, along with lacy shores and crystal clear waters. It is famous as the island of sponge divers, due to its long tradition in this job. Big part of the island’s financial robustness and fame is based upon it.

Get familiarized to kalymnos Island

Known worldwide for its sponges (also known as the sponge island)and divers with the sale of sponges still be one of the key resources in the economy of the island until today.
Generally the island is rocky with little vegetation and recently has become one of the major destinations in the world for climbers.The rare quality of rocks in combination with the wonderful climate throughout the year and the short distances, are among the reasons that the climbers prefer and suggest Kalymnos as one of the top destinations for climbing worldwide.
Moreover as long as diving is concerned Kalymnos rich tradition in professional diving is the reason for having well organized diving centers .So if you choose to come to Kalymnos and if you love extreme sports you can easily combine climbing with diving and vice versa.
In case you do not have equipment with you we inform you that you can buy or rent everything you need straight from the island.
Now for the not-so-sports enthusiasts Kalymnos is generally an island of great beauty and scenery, so don’t forget to visit as many villages and areas of the island as you can.
It is necessary to visit even one of the countless beaches available all across the island. All beaches either crowded or totally isolated have amazing crystal clear waters ,volcanic rocks, pebble or sand and for sure you can enjoy nature at its most.